Lower Cabin: Preformed bulkhead/ribs, pilot drilled skins, castings and hardware.
Upper Cabin: Preformed ribs/ firewall assembled with skins and hardware. Hardpoints and skins preassembled and rivet in place
Landing Gear: Main and nose wheel/brake assemblies, oleo struts front and rear, 4130 chrome-molly steel weld assemblies, all casting and hardware.
Nose and Windshield: Windshield and composite nose, chin windows, preformed ribs/bulkheads, instrument panel section, three composite doors and hardware.
Tail Cone: Tail cone, 4130 chrome-molly steel tail cone support, castings, stabilizers and hardware.
Seats: Composite seats and hardware.
Cowling: Composite engine cowling, ribs, brackets and hardware.