Helicopter Research, Design, and Manufacturing 

Manufacturer of the Hummingbird Helicopter

In 1987 the helicopter industry was revolutionized by the introduction of the Hummingbird the world’s first FAA certified helicopter to be sold in kit form.  By utilizing the design from a FAA certified helicopter we are able to implement safety, reliability, and performance from years of proven flight time.  By offering the Hummingbird to you in kit form, you finally have an affordable, helicopter.

  • Safety – Safest aviation record 

  • Easy to build and maintain

  • Spacious – The cabin is 55” wide, 56” high from floor to ceiling, and 110 inches in length.  Two baggage areas are located under the forward two seats (4 1/2 cubic feet total space).

  • Reliable – Based on an FAA certified design with years of proven reliability. Aviation approved Powerplant.


Fully Articulated Rotor Head: This three bladed system is exceptionally smooth, with excellent auto-rotation characteristics.

Spacious Four Passenger Cabin:  Quiet and very comfortable with an incredible 1000 lb useful payload.

Dependable IO540 Cold Air Induction Aviation Engine

Wheeled Landing Gear:  Improved performance during take-off, landing and taxi operations.  This is typically a feature only found on million dollar helicopters. 

Tail Rotor:  Carbon fiber twisted 8°, asymmetrical with noise reducing swept tips. 

Baggage compartment: 9 sq feet located under front seats

Fiberglass Nose with FAA approved windshield

Self engaging clutch/rotor


Electric Cyclic Trim